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violent happiness ~ 2020

This piece was performed at Central Saint Martins Theatre in 2020 by dance students from across the six University of The Arts London colleges. 
I was inspired by a Bjork song, released around the time I was born in 1993, called Violently Happy. The idea of violent happiness made me think a lot about how striving for happiness can damage the things around us, as well as ourselves. i am curious about these questions in the context of now ~ where young people experience the pressures of social media and the kinds of performativity this breeds.   
During the time I was making the work, the coronavirus pandemic was beginning to shift from a potential to an actual threat.
It was interesting and tense for me to make this work at a time when I was asking myself some big questions about humanity and the ways in which I sit with my own potential to cause damage. Those conversations really began unravelling themselves.. it feels like a different world now and a different conversation. 

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