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all in minor ~ 2016/17

photo credit: joseph boyle


'All in Minor is one such enigmatic piece. On the subject of 18th century artists' patron Madame de Pompadour, two dancers make bold strides and idiosyncratic gestures to a backdrop of baroque music. But are they two sides of the same woman? Gossiping ladies of the French court? An abstract idea about femininity and art? Who knows.'

Lyndsey Winship resolution review

video credit: joseph boyle

about the piece

I created All in Minor in collaboration with composer Erica MacLeod. The work had three lives~
in the beginning~ a dynamic duet exploring gender dynamics to a live music score. After receiving some support from Arts Council england in 2016, I developed the piece of work with dramaturg and designer Elisa Nader ~ We explored female composition and a 1756 portrait of Madame de pompadour, by Francois Boucher. We became interested in her power, her oppression and the uptightness of life as an influential woman of her ranking and context.
There was definitly something in there about the restriction of properness ~ or was is actually a love story? ~ The tension played out between two dancers.
The piece was performed at The Arts Depot 2015, Linger/Beyond: Dance works get a new life 2016, Kaleidoscopic Arts 2016 and Resolution festival at the place 2017. 

Later development:

Dancers: Abigail Montalto, Kristina Hay

Design & dramaturgy: Elisa Nader

Lighting design: Ali Hunter

Earlier development:

Dancers: Abigail Montalto, Kristina Hay, Nolan Robba 

Composer: Erica MacLeod

Musicians: Olivia Holland (cellist), Barbara Mohorko (violin), Mikaela Livadiotis (piano)

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