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a selection of my poems 

illustrations by Fito zangerle

salt carpet

salt carpet, 2021.png

I am this salt carpet 

Grubbied by the years 


I am this damp mattress 

Jaded by the tears 


I am this sugar cane ledge 

Leaning over sweet earth 


Basking in a cross section, 

Of my saccharin molasses birth   


I am this broken flame 

Beneath a plant it’s dew 


I am folding my lashes 

Unribbing my chest 


I am returning my under

Returning these old guests 


I am a deep sink

Sinking into thought 


I like to lick the hairs 

That taught 


The ridges to stand

The bridges to land


Between toe and ground 

In between the marshes of my hands 


I want to climb the mountain of my palms 

Plummet out of my muddied shell 


Wanna crawl like a preverbal pal 

Wanna say ‘alright let’s take a trip around about now’

In through my shaky body, 

Teach me how to be kind,

Take me through the open fields of my mind 


on the beach

A thousand stones

surround my body


pierce my sides

but I keep closed my eyes


my delicate body melting into rock

held by the shadow of waves


upon the shore

I can see,


through a tiny perspective

through some tunnel-vision 


thoughts sieve,

filtered by the time lines

and out into the big sea

I don’t know where they end.

dyke ~ what's it about?

It’s about wanting to bathe until my skin becomes sand 


It’s about wanting to shit with the door open and no housemates around 


It’s about wanting the empty house to hear my farts 


It’s about wanting to write from a place I squashed down 

so deep inside me for a long long time


For so many years I thought that I should do all of the-things on my list. I felt like going at life in a doing-way was the only-way. I didn’t know what a feeling-way-was. I-thought that if I-exhausted-myself-enough I could get-really-good-at-the-thing. I had no idea how-important-rest-was. Did not know, how to listen to my-soul. 


It’s about wanting to just. get. me. And put you into my life. Drop you like a soft pebble into a rock pool of glimmer. 


It’s about recognising I’m only temporary and some other mortal stuff 


It’s about wanting you to throw me around a padded room, softly, dressed as bears 


It’s about wearing your body with care  


It’s about seeing the patriarchy on TV 


and knowing it can’t fuck with you n me 


It’s about being free from so much shit 


It’s about being able to be close and share this deep and old gender pain and that being ok


It’s about knowing that I won’t be treated like a woman 


It’s knowing that I will be treated like a woman  


It’s about being able to have a girlfriend who’s also my boifriend who’s also a plant that I water 


It’s about planting seeds of growth together in some soil which is truly ours and the world knows it 

beyond trans toilet lines

It is easier to see 


A mum or a dad, rather than a tree 


A boy or girl, 

rather than me 


Here for the lavatory 


Not an elaborately lavash glare 


Into my hair, 

My fair,



I care 

But I’m not about to deter 


From the alarms of the harm 


The giant anti - stance 


I’m just a gay plant


Who curves around the one who curved 


To soften their edge-egos 


To fluff and blur 


Out the bemusement, 


All of the confusement. 


It could be amusement 


To call to you and stare


‘Botanical creature!’ Really loudly 


Making them now I’m proudly 


Here to confudddle 


Queer for a cuddle 


Just popping to the toilet 


No need to go an spoil it

Trans plantation

Saw a plant lay arrest 

Your chest


The bones caressed 

The leaves they nested 


Like the beginning of a



Sprouting up from the roots

Of a great breast 


Or at best 

The love of seeing a gesture without words 


Up through your vest 

Of essence



By time 


An inky body 

Smells like soil and earth 


Sitting on a restful front

Sleeping tightly


Upon your chest 

There is a plant 


Forging its way through the wreck 

Of bone and blood 


Like a ship riding through the green of you 

And your dark place resting in veins 


On top a ledge of chalk 

The leaves they submerge 


Into a soft pink dust 

Smells of pine and iron


Drowning kindly in tissues 

Falling onto the inky road 


Trickle down a wondrous spine 

Arrives the plant in it’s new home 

dance want to dance

I want to dance 

Like the sky,

It falls


I want to scream out, great 

Boarder reaches

Burn my toes 


I want to take the hole,

Jump in,

Take some fish


I want to spin flip me round 

Until all edges 

Are gone


I want to dive into the night sky,

It falls me

Into mourning 


Dry my eyes,

Make a cast of my body,

Make a world my size 


Make the leap into the 

Endless summer lights

With my sides  


I want to wake my throat 

Clear the drive airway,

Clear the roads. 


Learn to talk 

In the other 



I want to kiss my life

Bitter and creased,

I want to dance 



Salty breakages of fire

And yes 


The greatest

Things to do,

I will dance them too.

green ship

I could ride like this

Into green gates of charm 




Me harnessing  

A breeze of discomfort  


A past of me [you]


I could ride like a trailer 

Of acidic trash 


That carries my old bodies, 


They rot

And rotate 


Holding many mossy forms, 



By clouds 


Covering the blue 


Muddying that moon 

Unpacking things. 


I could ride like this 


Into my new 

Wavey way 


I am curving 


To reach a deeper part, 

To draw some water from this heart  

To hope, 


On the other side, there is 

An infinite wave 


A seabed 



Earth and olive. 


and me 


I hope that on the inside 

There is an ocean to be  


Where I could writhe 


Like this soft greasy package 

Writes onto skin  


I could ride this Green Ship 

Through the quiet gates within 

the ocean from the car

Out there is the deep 
It’s the deep black ocean 
It’s the middle of the night 
While in here I am a monster 

Out there is the sea
The dark space that fills with light
And then disappears into more life 

That is full of hardship and pain 
That is tough to turn by 
That is smooth on its edges 
But harsh and abrasive too 

A deep hole that is full of water 
A long liquid that can hold so many things 
A wide open space closed off by the burden of the land 

And in here 
In my car 
In here I am a monster 

A monster of modern life 
A monster of the insatiability 
Of breaking people’s hearts 
Of pain and hardship 
Of luck and drive 

I am the driving force of a mighty wave 
The drowning force of being vain
The drowning force of water in my veins 

And temporal life 
teasing me 
Breathing air and the fire of the hot sun in me 

Out there is protected 
Sealed and held by itself and everything within it 
Weighed down by the pull of the moon and struck by an active belly of fish creatures 

In here I am always hungry 
And bored 
Always floating around 
With these wandering eyes 
God damn it, I wish I was mighty like the ocean 

I am a flakey flake 
A flag from a place 
A few years of life on some legs 
A few bread rolls and takeaways 
A few things from Earth that now seem shitty to me 

My human nature sucks me 
And every day I am a bit afraid 
So I wrote a mantra: 

If the oceans can take it 
So can I 
So can I 


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