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you are someone else (too) ~ 2019

photo credit: david gonsier

about the piece

you are someone else (too) began in 2014 as a research piece called 'the chair piece' by new york based choreographer and dancer kristina hay. the piece consisted of one dancer, one chair, one stranger and some games that look a bit like follow the leader or tag. 

in 2019 the work was redeveloped with director and choreographer hilary brown-istrefi(hbsquared_projects) and myself as part of movement research at the judson church. the work was performed with live music by lamy istrefi jr.

video footage: ellen maynard

dancers: jesse salaman, kristina hay, hilary brown-istrefi

music by lamy istrefi jr.

photography: david gonsier

videographer: Ellen Maynard

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