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since 2021 me and toi guy ( have been developing a joint practice in which we've been exploring movement, queerness and sound making. we have created several fantasy landscapes as well as learning how to create live electronic sound scores. our work is  experimental, we play with otherworldliness, futurism and alternative gender personas. Themes of creative and political healing and freedom, individual and collective, have been crucial to our work together. we feel passionately about resisting oppressive structures and have been seeking ways to transform the struggles, Barriers and tensions that we face in the world through our creations. A LOT OF OUR WORK SO FAR HAS BEEN D.I.Y AND LOW-FI (WHICH WE LOVE) BUT WE'RE ALSO HOPING TO MAKE A FULL LENGTH SHOW, IT WON'T BE SHINY, BUT MIGHT FEATURE MORE HIGH-FI AND TECH ASPECTS, AND WE COULD PAY OURSELVES SOME MONEY.

                                                            ... long may it rain


we can't keep working for little-no money so we're currently applying for arts council funding to develop our world and collaborate with more great creative humans 


we also plan to make a podcast with the support of our local community radio station slack's. it's called 'the secret third thing' which is about being not this and not that but a

secret third thing

the dream is to develop a queer re-worlding musical show.

also we completed a 140mile queer pilgrimage -

hot topical queer disjointedly heritaged



to the lesbian-capital of the UK -hebden bridge - from our home town Newcastle upon tyne

our crowdfunder: Sponsored Walk to Hebden Bridge - a Music crowdfunding project in Newcastle upon Tyne by Victoria Guy

there is so much mystery surrounding artists existing, making, surviving and we want to share our experiences in our own words in our own slow timeframe by making this podcast.  

It's also a chance to answer any curiosities people might have about our world and our show if they see it. we dislike the dynamics around art-speak and pressure to language things, talk about things according to the status quo. 

queers walk 140miles from their home in Newcastle Upon Tyne arriving to Hebden Bridge, affectionately known as "the lesbian capital of the UK", aiming to arrive at historic site Mount Cross, a monument that has been suggested to have been erected as early as the 7th Century. Jessica Lofthouse (1976) reported that a local farmer said of this stone, “Queer things happened here”

Songs and dances for our alternate-fantasy-selves realising their superfreakipowers of embodied re-worlding, quantum queerness and intra-connectivity to change the world at the speed it is already changing, without getting left behind.

this project is our pipe dream way of expansively continuing an existence as artists as well as our lifelong earned chance to reveal our secret third things to the audio digital world.

see you out there re-worlders

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