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'Jesse's tutoring was so supportive of my creative impulses and her wisdom and guidance helped shape me as a writer and a student. I look back so proudly on my dissertation and it’s all thanks to Jesse's genius' 

amy ~ 3rd year dissertation student, london studio centre


'Jesse is super friendly and approachable, she made each lesson fun and engaging, and gave me the confidence to keep learning' 


Eloise ~ 1st year student, university of the arts london

'I felt jesse really cares for what she teaches and produces and also cares for who she's teaching and what they want to produce'


jerome ~ 1st year student, london studio centre

in my teaching practice i like to CREATe A SPACE in which people feel they can expand. i like to think of holding the space as an opportunity FOR GROWTH AND LEARNING ABOUT OUR BODY AS A VOICE, AS A LANDSCAPE FOR RECOGNITION AND CHANGE, as something that can be pushed, something that can feel really POWERful. i aim to create an environment where people feel welcome to bring their individuality into the space with me. 

my practice

my background & how I developed as a teacher

i began my own contemporary dance training in quite a typical way for a british dancer - on a cat scheme. this was my introduction to the movement styles under the 'contemporary dance' umbrella. as ever, movement and dance culture has evolved since then, with some things remaining the same.

many different dance styles were present in my training at london studio centre, with graham being the focus. alongside my experiences of contemporary dance here in the uk, i have spent time dancing in israel.

my first dance experience in israel was gaga. this shifted something for me and gave me a new framework for understanding movement. i went on to partake in the kcdc dance journey training with support from the ace. 

these experiences set me on my path to developing as an artist, and as a teacher i aim to assimilate the different approaches to movement that have inspired me. 


image by celine fortenbacher

my class

i like to begin my class with standing phrases, deepening the breath and allowing us to sink into our bodies. I enjoy working without mirrors and exploring the centre ~ focusing on the spine and the potential for length, extension and contraction. 


with some (hopefully) banging tunes to keep us grooving, class usually develops with longer phrases that move in and out of the floor, focusing on the potential for fluidity and connection between the different parts of the body.


i'm interested in what gets us feeling present and connected in the dance space. i'll often use improvisation to tap into this or deep dive into a phrase and play with focus/intention.

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