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Diary of a Drag

I am such a fucking drag

I am desperate

They call me desperate D 

Not that kind of D though

It's D for my name, just not sure what that is, yet

I'm dirty

D for dirt

D for dog, the back-word of GOD


I am Filth

but nobody knows that yet

I am ---

oh sorry, I can't say that word, yet

I feel like I'm dying

I feel like I'm dying

I feel like I am dying

Have needed this re-birth shit people talk about

people talk about a lot

and then crop it

and repost 

I hope I get cropped like a bad bitch 

snipped and clipped 

summarised and served up sunny side 

I like the sun

let me get my shades on

you're naughty stop it

you serve me with too much nuance

stop it 


stop it, pet

you're so naughty

I'm just a caption

stop talking about me then

stop that conversation shit

it's long

I don't like it long

I like it stretched like my mind stretchy

but not long.

I'm ready now, maybe you could change me


often, I worry

often, I am despairing

often, I feel like I am dying

I have to leave my ---- at the door of every space


that left



guess I don't belong then

was always kinda trendy in my own way

guess that's what trend setting is

guess I was never really trendy then

more of a badass trend setter who left the trend after setting it

kinds like a saviour, or, a SERVE-iour rather... 

guess I'm important then

well. at least I know how important I am now. 

so, I can say it now?

it's really safe?

ok, so, that's right bitches, I'm ----





(gives birth to tiny trolls)


I lost the trendy activism game

guess I'll make some eggs sunny side down

say bye bye to the sun

it's overrated anyway

the earth's burning

and I'm self indulging 

which is AGAINST THE LAW by the way - that's right

moderation is key

moderation is key

moderation of speech, moderation in business, moderation isssss moderation issss moderation in speech 


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